How To Find The Best Adjustable Kettlebell For Your Needs At The Best Price

October 15, 2013

amazon kettlebellGenerally speaking people look at buying an adjustable kettlebell for one or more of the following reasons

1.       As you get stronger you can increase the weigh without having to buy more kettlebells. You also want to be able to perform a wider range of exercises that require differing weight levels and to do this all with the one kettle bell.

2.       Because you can change the weight level with an adjustable kettlebell you won’t have to buy several different kettlebells which will save you money.

3.       And because you don’t have to buy several kettle bells you won’t have to find room to store them all.

This site will help you choose the best adjustable kettlebell for your needs and include some tips and tricks that I learnt when I was going through exactly the same process as you are now. There are a lot of variables in choosing just the right adjustable kettlebell, these include

  • Weight range – what is the lightest and heaviest setting available?
  •  How much can you increase the weight by on each setting?
  •  Size of the bell
  •  Is it made from cast iron, plastic or a mixture of both?
  •  Price
  •  Does it come with a warranty and if so how long?

Work out what your individual requirements are firstAs a guideline woman generally start off with a weight of around 22 – 26lb and for men it’s generally around 26-30lb. The great thing with the kettlebells we’ve reviewed for you is that they will cater for both sexes at the beginner end of the scale. Also bear in mind that there are literally hundreds of different exercise you can do and some of them will require a heavier weight and some will need a lighter weight than the guidelines we’ve mentioned above. We recommend the website Active Bell for further information regarding this

Okay so which is the best one to buy? We’re going to be looking at which is the best adjustable kettlebell available on the market today taking all of the above points into consideration. 


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 Top Three Adjustable Kettlebells Comparison Chart

I’ve looked at dozens of adjustable kettlebells and using the criteria we discussed above have come up with what i think are 3 winners. These three kettlebells offered in my opinion the best quality for the best price. So let’s get down to the top three adjustable kettlebells


Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell
CFF 40 lb Russian Kettlebell
Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell
Image and Price

Weight Range
24 - 36lbs10 - 40lbs16 - 36lbs
Weight Increments
Warranty1 Year Warranty1 Year Warranty90 Day Warranty
Training DVDNoYesNo
Our RankingFirstSecond Third
Our Review

Cast Iron Adjustable Kettlebell – Cap Barbell

big balss

What I love about this kettlebell is the ease with which you can change weights, it takes me around 5 seconds to adjust the weight level. The top of the bell has a dial which turns and clicks into place for the different weight settings, at the same time the dial also shows you how many plates you are picking up. The bell itself has a starting weight of 20lbs and goes up in 5lb increments with 40lb being the heaviest available. This makes it ideal for the beginner as generally men will start at around 30lbs and women around 25lbs.

Other features of the Cap Barbell Adjustable Kettlebell are

  • The bottom plate has a discreet rubber sole which prevents damage to the floor and also stops the bell from sliding when in    use.
  •  The dial weight adjustment system – quick easy weight transfer.
  •  Solid, well made and no sign of any rattling which was fairly common in some of the other adjustable kettlebells I have used and reviewed.
  •  The price! With a $59 discount you can’t go wrong.
  •  Good weight setting of 5lb increments with a total available weight range of between 20 – 40lbs.

This is the kettlebell that I have chosen for my own home workouts and I have to say I did notice a small difference from the traditional kettle bell that I had been using in the gym in that it was slightly larger. It wasn’t enough to be annoying and change my technique but it did take a couple of workouts to feel 100% comfortable. Having said that I’ve now owned these bad boys for around six months now and am 100% satisfied, but hey, don’t just take my word for it, check out the reviews from other users here

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CFF 40 lb Adjustable Russian Kettlebell

big balss

This was a very very close second place runner! One of the things I really liked about this kettlebell was the available weight range and the increments of weight change. The adjustable weight range is from 10lb to 40lbs with the user having the ability to increase in 5lb increments. The weight range starting at 10lb as opposed to the above kettlebell allows more exercise options and a lower weight starting point for a smaller framed beginner.

  • Wide handle that allows for double handed grip exercises 
  •  Rubber sole that protects the floor and stops the bell from sliding during your workout.
  •  Able to quickly change the weight amount used.
  •  10lb handle as opposed to a 20lb handle.

The one thing I don’t like so much about this bell is that some of the parts are plastic, a couple of users have expressed concern about how strong the plastic is but none to date have reported any major problems other than the odd rattle.

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Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

big balss

Let’s start with the positives first. This Kettlebell had the lowest weight increase of the three with the user being able to increase weight in 4lb increments. The Stamina bell also has a fairly light base weight of only 16lbs and is designed for a single or double handed grip. Users also report that changing the weight settings is easy and quick. Having said that there were a few things about this kettlebell that I’m not such a fan of.

  • A couple of users have commented on a “petroleum” odor
  • The bell is bulker than the other adjustable kettlebells I have used and reviewed and this may have a slight impact on range of motion and available exercises, I can’t say for sure as I haven’t used it for any period of time but it’s something to be aware of when considering your purchase.
  •  Again a couple of users have reported a slight sound of the weights moving against each other when in use, nothing major but nevertheless it indicates movement of the weight plates and given that you’ll be swinging them around it may become annoying!  
  •  Too many screws used in the kettlebell design

Overall it wasn’t a bad product and it will definitely still do the job but I feel there are better ones out there for the price. Check out the reviews on Amazon here for this product.

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The cast iron adjustable kettlebell wins our vote. It placed well in all of the criteria that we set and had very few negatives. I personally use them and all of the users that had purchased them provided positive feedback with all twelve people leaving feedback rating them at over 4.5 stars out of 5!

Our other two finalists performed well but I believe the Cast Iron Adjustable Kettlebell – Cap Barbell won through and should be one of your top choices!

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